Some of the feedback provided by my clients:

  • I must also thank Richard Hutchinson for his attentive and careful copyediting that greatly improved the quality of the text that you are reading.
  • Thank you for being so thorough and knowledgeable in copyediting our book. I’m impressed.
  • … particularly the book’s copyeditor, Richard Hutchinson, for a careful and thorough reading of the manuscript that improved its readability and considerably reduced the number of errors
  • [M]y hearty thanks … [to] my peerless manuscript editor Richard Hutchinson for a most careful reading of the manuscript and correction of errors in style, syntax, punctuation, referencing, and, occasionally, even equations!
  • I’m really pleased to see how thoroughly it has been copyedited
  • Your comments and suggestions were well placed and demonstrated a clear understanding and appreciation of the text, which is an important part of our author relations
  • Thank you again for this copyedit, it was an important project and I am very relieved at how smoothly it has gone
  • Thanks very much for the work you have done on this project, the author seems very happy
  • Thanks very much for spotting this, it could have caused us a major headache
  • [We are] impressed with your style of editing that picks out what needs to be fixed without being intrusive
  • I don’t have a great deal of feedback for you, other than to say it was a top job
  • I could not begin to thank you adequately for the precision and thoroughness of your copy-editing. I consider myself exceptionally fortunate to have had my manuscript in your hands
  • Very happy … the language and readability are much improved